In the face of increased environmental awareness, huge advances in ecologically-friendly materials and practices have been, and are continuing to be, made in the construction industry, and Enterprise Property Group is committed to embracing these technological developments within our schemes.

Of course, in addition to the extremely important ecological aspect of saving energy and using renewable resources, there is the inevitable desire of homeowners to reduce costs wherever possible. With these critical principles in mind, Enterprise Property Group has adopted a strategy of incorporating energy-saving features in all its new homes, which include double- and sometimes triple-glazing, top grade insulation, low-energy lighting and energy-efficient heating systems.

Renewable materials

‘The Way’ in Fowlmere, developed in conjunction with Exemplar Living, was one of Enterprise Property Group’s projects which truly raised the bar for ‘green credentials’. Comprising two detached houses and a bungalow, they incorporated highly-insulated timber frames manufactured from renewable materials in factory conditions off site. This, together with the features listed below, resulted in all the properties achieving an energy-efficiency rating of A, which is the highest available.

Energy-efficient features at ‘The Way’
  • High levels of thermal insulation
  • Air-source heat pumps
  • Solar panels
  • Underfloor heating
  • Triple-glazing
  • Whole house ventilation and heat recovery system
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Internal water-saving devices
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Electricity smart metering
  • ‘Smart’ trees specifically chosen to absorb air-borne pollution
  • Low VOC content paint
  • Car charging points

At ‘The Way’ in Fowlmere, the design is such that, based on typical usage, the solar cells should produce sufficient energy for each property’s own requirements and feasibly provide an income for the homeowners from excess energy sold via the Government’s Feed-In Tariff Scheme, which is clearly a welcome change to the usual monthly energy bill!

Future schemes

Enterprise Property Group is committed to incorporating environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient design wherever appropriate in its future schemes, and, whilst it may not be feasible for all to incorporate the same levels of design as ‘The Way’, the principles and commitment are now well established.

Featured Property
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An attractive semi-detached three bedroom home in an idyllic village location on the beautiful Essex/Suffolk borders. Priced at £499,500.


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